Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

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My dad’s name was Reverend Charles P. Beronius, but to our family and those who knew him well, he was “Chuck”. Even members of the churches he served at called him, “Pastor Chuck Beronius”. My father served as an ELCA Lutheran Minister for over 50 years– in fact, just a few months before he died, he was filling in for

My Mother’s Stroke

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Everything Changed in the Blink of an Eye My mother, Nancy, suffered a stroke in 2013 when she was 78-years-old. She actually went blind from it, and it was the catalyst for her moving from my home into assisted living at Shepherd of Grace in Becker. Nancy’s stroke was one of the most traumatic experiences of my life. Parts of the

Gail’s Love for Beverly

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Gail’s story of her mother, Beverly, is one that is very dear to me. You see, Gail and I grew up in the same small, farm community in southern Minnesota. As kids we didn’t know each other all that well, but like all small towns back then our families were connected. Gail was in my brother’s grade. Her family attended

Caring is a Work of Heart

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Don and Helen Wedding
A Special Story Caregiving is a gift of love, and what better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than read about a story of life-long commitment, and faith. A story of how end-of-life and the love around it, is supposed to be. This story is special to me, as Helen and Don are my mother and father-in-law. They are my family

Legacy, My Caregiver Story

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By: Karen Lundquist I have served as a caregiver for both my parents for the past decade or so. My father and mother met in the 1950s in Minnesota, and dad joked that he offered to help with coffee so that he could get to know mom a little better. They married in the early 60s, and adopted me in