Driving and Your Loved One

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Driving and Your Loved One When is time to stop driving and how do you approach it? Begin with understanding that for many of us, driving is important because it represents independence and control. We drive to engage in social activities, go to work, and take care of daily needs. When a loved one is facing the loss of driving,

Caregiving is Overwhelming: Take Small Bites

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Nobel prize laureate and anti-apartheid campaigner, Desmond Tutu, said, “There is only one way to eat an elephant, a bite at a time”. Of course, I would never really eat an elephant,  but what Tutu meant is that when we are faced with overwhelming tasks in life or when there is so much to accomplish, we can do so by

What If You Don’t Like Your Loved One

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What If You Don’t Like Your Loved One? It isn’t always a happily ever after…. Let me preface this article by saying what you are about to read is a tough topic, but an important one. If fact, it might be exactly what you needed to hear at this very moment. When working with caregivers my goal is to support

Caregiver Burnout

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Take Care of You, Your Health is at Risk Let’s face it, caregiving is hard work! Really, really hard. In fact, I believe it is one of the most challenging roles in the world. I discovered during my journey of caregiving there were many who just didn’t “get it” – what is involved in caregiving, the changes to the caregiver’s

10 Early Signs and Symptoms of Alzheimer’s

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When I decided to dedicate more of my life to caregiver support and began researching resources and support options for family and informal caregivers, I was drawn to the Alzheimer’s Association. They are on a mission to cure Alzheimer’s, they conduct thousands of research studies, provide a vast amount of knowledge about dementia to the public, raise awareness…AND their caregiver

It’s Dementia? Now What?

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You’re out in the doctor’s office lobby hall with your sister, brother and your mother who Dr. Jones just diagnosed as having Alzheimer’s disease. True, you all suspected this as Mom has been getting worse with her memory and other symptoms for years, but no one, even Dr. Jones seemed ready or willing to make the call. She got a lot

Your Loved One is Approaching End-of-Life. Know Your Hospice Care Options

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By: Shea Pederson, RN, BSN, Outreach Coordinator, Quiet Oaks Hospice House and Respite Care 5537 Galaxy Road, St. Augusta, MN 320-255-5433  Quietoakshospicehouse.org  When people conceive children, there is time for preparation, planning, saving money, and gathering supplies.  Many receive support from family, friends, and can plan for time away from work.  This is a time to celebrate new life, life

Helping You Navigate the Medicare Cost Plan Transition

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You may be hearing that the Medicare Cost plans are going away and that you may have to change your plan for 2019. I have been getting a lot of questions lately, and as an experienced Medicare Insurance agent, I have provided an overview to help you navigate the upcoming changes.  Due to changes in federal law, starting January 1,

You are not alone!

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By: Tami Kolbinger, BS, ADC/MC, CDP, CADDCT If you are a caregiver, you do not have to do the work alone! Repeat after me, “I am not alone!” You have help and support. No matter what your journey–or where you may be in this journey, or whom you are caring for on this journey–I want you to know there is