Learn prevention strategies, recognizing symptoms, as well as steps for approaching and dealing with dementia and Alzheimer’s


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Alzheimers Association

The Alzheimer’s Association provides helpful information for caregivers on Alzheimer’s and all other dementia. Visit their website.

24/7 Helpline: 800.272.3900

ACT on Alzheimer's

Minnesotans working together on the impacts of Alzheimer’s. ACT on Alzheimer’s provides community resources, provider resources, and more.

Silver Lining Dementia

Silver Lining Dementia offers education and personal tips on embarking on a journey with dementia. Services including community and facility dementia education consulting and trainings.
3rd Street N, Sauk Rapids, MN 56379
(320) 293-7107

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It’s Dementia? Now What?

It’s Dementia? Now What?

It’s Dementia? Now What? by Dr. Patrick Zook  You’re out in the doctor’s office lobby hall with your sister, brother and your mother who Dr. Jones just diagnosed as having Alzheimer’s disease. True, you all suspected this as Mom has been getting worse with her memory...

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