Grief- Your Personal Journey With Loss, The Healing Grounds

Kathy Stang, founder of The Healing Grounds, will conduct an 8-week life group entitled, “Grief – Your Personal Journey with Loss” where she will explore the 6 Central Needs of Mourning, based on Dr. Alan D. Wolfelt’s teachings, “Meeting the six needs of mourning one day at a time will help you move toward a life of meaning and purpose again.” Dr. Wolfelt has over 4 decades of grief care and has authored more than 70 books. The six needs:

  • Acknowledge the reality of the death
  • Embrace the pain of the loss
  • Remember the person who died
  • Develop a new self-identity
  • Search for meaning
  • Receive ongoing support from others

The Healing Grounds mission is to offer confidential, caring support, from peer Certified Grief Care Providers, for all difficult walks in life. Grief does not just impact lives when there is a death. Grief that needs to be mourned and not carried comes in all forms from death to suicide, child loss, adoption, divorce, health diagnosis, terminal illness, life transition, job loss, loss of a dream, empty nest, lost faith, traumatic loss or incident and so much more. You need not walk alone through these complications life can throw at you. Let us walk with you.

Join Kathy at the Waters Church in Sartell from 6:00 to 7:30 every Tuesday from September 18th through November 6th. Text or call 320-493-8472 to register.

The Waters Church, 1227 Pine Cone Road, Sartell, MN 56377


Kathy Stang

Kathy Stang, is the Founder of the Healing Grounds, a place of grief care for all areas of loss. She has trained under Dr. Alan Wolfelt at the Center for Loss and Life Transition in Fort Collins, Colorado and holds certification in Death and Bereavement Studies as well as continuing studies in Suicide, PTSD and Complicated Mourning. Kathy is a trained mentor and President of the Board of Directors for BKE Ministries dealing in the areas of domestic violence. She has worked in the local funeral home industry and speaks publicly on grief.

Sources: The Center for Loss and Life Transition, The Six Needs of Mourning by Alan D. Wolfelt, Ph.D.