Author: Karin Pauly, Founder

Helping seniors remain independent in their homes

When your loved one wants to remain independent but loses the ability to drive or complete regular home functions, it can be difficult. Having some local options to assist them can make the difference between your loved one remaining in their home or having to go to a care facility. 

Throughout Minnesota there are volunteer-based organizations that provide transportation, respite care, chores, friendly visiting, and minor home maintenance. These non-profit organizations help pair together those that need assistance and those that are willing to volunteer. Their goal is to help seniors (60 years-old and older) remain in their homes for as long as possible. Background-checked volunteers provide crucial services during their free time. Many times these services are free or an offering is accepted. 

Elderly woman getting into the car

Services your loved one may receive include: 

  • Transportation: Volunteers provide rides to the doctor, dentist, pharmacist, grocery store, and more. Depending on availability they may provide rides to events / social gatherings.
  • Companionship: In-person or over the phone friendly visits provide seniors with connection and socialization. Depending on the organization these visits may include the completion of light housework. 
  • Yard Work: Seasonal yard work is provided throughout the year, including: snow removal, mowing lawns, weeding and raking leaves.
  • Home Maintenance: Some organizations provide simple home repairs, such as installing grab-bars in bathrooms, organizing rooms, and changing smoke detector batteries.

If your loved one could benefit from these services, the Central Minnesota Council on Aging has created a list of available area organizations.

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