Our Story

CaringforNancy.com is named after my mom, Nancy. My name is Karin and I was my mother’s caregiver and go-to person for 14 years and throughout the final stages of her life. This caregiving included overseeing her medical needs, her living arrangements, her financial and legal affairs, her food, transportation, entertainment, and more. All of this while juggling a family with husband and kids, a demanding full-time job, and a family business. I understand that a caregiver’s life is often a contradiction. A caregiver feels enormous responsibility, fear, and overwhelming stress – yet also joy, compassion and deep connection with their loved one. They meet their loved one’s needs while also managing the pressures of their own life.


Nancy passed away on April 10, 2018. In honor of her life, my mission, dream, and passion is to support loving caregivers and to help them through their journey.


CaringforNancy.com is what I wish I had: An intuitive online hub that directs caregivers to resources for making more informed decisions for their loved ones and that provides caregiver support through community connections. With professional advice, real-life stories and local networks, CaringforNancy.com helps ease caregivers’ burden and supports their extraordinary work.


Our healthcare system is propped up on the sweat and sanity of caregivers, who sacrifice their own physical, emotional, professional and social well-being. The heart in our logo represents the heart of the caregiver who gives their lifeblood to their loved one…


If you are a caregiver, thank you for doing the most honorable and important work in our society.  If you know a caregiver, say thank-you.


Thank you for visiting and for sharing this place of support.






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