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Help other caregivers by sharing your story

A Caregiver’s Story is Powerful

The caregiving journey is often lonely and filled with uncertainty. But by reading stories from other caregivers, we learn. We take in each other’s wisdom and glean from mistakes. We find new, helpful resources. And, we feel more connected and empowered. By sharing your story, you have the chance to help other caregivers who are going through what you’ve already experienced.

Share Your Story

Caring for Nancy invites all informal and family caregivers (that are 18 years of age or older) to share their caregiver story. Each caregiver story is unique and has the ability to change another caregiver’s life. Help others by sharing your personal and touching story. Upon submitting your story, we will review it, and, if deemed appropriate, we will share it.

By submitting your story and any photos, you are giving Caring for Nancy, LLC permission to publish your story, photos and byline on the website, in our print materials, and on Caring for Nancy’s social media sites. You also give permission for us to make any grammar or style changes (as necessary) to your story. 

A Special Thank You Gift

As a special thank you for sharing your story, we will send you a piece of Caring for Nancy merchandise. Thank you for caring for others!

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If you would like to submit any personal photos to be included in your story, please email them to Please DO NOT email us any image/photo you found on the Internet or a photo that does not belong to you. If there are people in your photos, you must have their permission prior to submission.


“For the most part, caregiving is just a thread in my life. It is an item on a to-do list, a topic of conversation, or some problem solving and research. But sometimes, it is much more jarring.”

Karen Lundquist

Caring for John and Alice

“When I think of our mom, it seems almost impossible to express what she meant to me, our family, and others who knew her. Because with her it is much more about presence, how she made us feel, and words aren’t easy to come by.” 

Karin Pauly

Caring for Nancy

“I remember the most difficult day. It was when we moved my mother into the facility. We had to lie to her about the move. Then the staff took my mom by the hand, and told us to leave the facility and not contact her for three weeks.”

Gail Cruikshank

Caring for Beverly



If you are constantly feeling stressed, exhausted, and overworked as a caregiver, we can help. Caregiver burnout is real and serious.

Call us to schedule a one-on-one caregiver session. We will meet with you in person or over the phone. We’ll listen to you to your concerns and challenges. We will then create an action plan that includes solutions and resources to help you. You’ll walk away feeling supported and more in control.