Your Loved One is Approaching End-of-Life

Know Your Hospice Care Options

When people conceive children, there is time for preparation, planning, saving money, and gathering supplies. Many receive support from family, friends, and can plan for time away from work. This is a time to celebrate new life, life changes, and all of the glorious things that come along with this experience. There are endless amounts of literature on having children, raising children, what to do, and what not to do.

No one prepares you for the other end of the spectrum, end-of-life. Frequently, for many caregivers of loved ones, there is no warning that your spouse, parent, or loved one may become ill and that you will suddenly have to quit your job to stay home and take care of them. This realization can be overwhelming and become an emotionally, physically, and financially exhausting experience. For some, this end-of-life journey has been planned, however for most, it is a sudden change for the caregiver, leading to loss of freedom, time, and finances. Many ask themselves, what do I do next? Who can help me? Where do I go for help?

If your loved one is facing end-of-life, as a caregiver, it is so important that you receive support and know you are not alone. Seek-out the advice of hospice care agencies, who can provide social workers, nursing care, home health aide care, and therapies such as music, massage, aroma, and healing touch to support you and your loved one.

End-of-life hospice and respite care options include services and staff who will come into your home, providing nursing care, and knowledge of additional resources you can utilize while caring for your loved one in the home. Additionally, there are hospice homes and respite care facilities where your loved one can stay on-site.

When caring for your loved one at home is not possible, Quiet Oaks Hospice House and Respite Care is an option to consider. Quiet Oaks is an 8-bed hospice facility located on 10-acres of quiet woodland featuring pristine landscaping. Our house is a home, featuring sitting areas, a library, a piano, the fragrant smell of home-cooked meals for families and guests, all with the comforts of home. We provide 24-hour, 7-day-a-week skilled nursing care coordinated with the hospice agency of your choice. We specialize in comfort care with highly qualified RN/LPN nursing staff experienced in pain and symptom management with a 2:1 staffing ratio. Our interdisciplinary care team consists of the hospice agency staff, a Quiet Oaks primary physician, nursing staff, spiritual care, and numerous volunteers to care for your loved one and support your family.

Know that hospice will provide your loved one with medications, supplies, and therapies needed, which is covered by Medicare in most instances; a benefit that everyone is entitled to. Quiet Oaks will be there for the resident AND their family. We provide guest suites and meals for family members to reside in which are included in the daily rate. This is a huge benefit for family as they can focus primarily on being a family member and loved one again instead of being the primary caregiver. Caregiving for a loved one can be a huge blessing, however it may also be difficult and Quiet Oaks will assist you and your loved one through this end of life journey.

Regardless if you choose in-home hospice care or a residential hospice house, we encourage you to ask questions and know your options.

Shea Pederson, RN, BSN, Outreach Coordinator, Quiet Oaks Hospice House and Respite Care 
5537 Galaxy Road, St. Augusta, MN